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Jack Strickfuss – GM

A few weeks before he died I had the privilege to speak to a hero.

You hear the word a lot these days, trotted out for sportsmen for being particularly good or even rather crassly on “reality” shows to pump things up.

I had never met the man and until about half an hour before I spoke to him, I had never even known what he had done.  From that day, piecemeal at first, and then with greater intent later, I have assembled a story of what happened on the day he became a hero. A story about four little children and two mothers who should be remembered.

But there is much more to this story than what happened on the day.

It is a story of the damage done before, long away. The damage unquestionably done on that clear and bright morning, long forgotten by most.

And perhaps even of the damage done after.

The Queensland Police Museum kindly posted a summary of part of my research on their wonderful blog “From the Vault” which covers the main events of an awful day in early 1957 in Narella Street, Cannon Hill.

A person is the sum of many parts, good, bad and mundane. But on this day he ran through the bullets. He entered the house not knowing what awaited him. And he saved Elaine.

Jack Strickfuss, George Medal recipient for bravery was a hero.

The post can be found here